Our expertise lies in product and platform engineering. We partner with our clients to tackle their most intricate business challenges, crafting technology solutions that redefine entire industries and revolutionize how people experience the world. Together, we'll convert your ideas into cutting-edge intellectual property, bespoke digital products, invaluable insights, and seamless automation.

Retail and E-commerce

Our clients’ products are heavily used by such companies like Walmart, The Home Depot, CVS Pharmacy in the USA and Canada. It’s a joy to be a part of their success.


The construction industry is well-known to us: from creating a fully custom ERP system for a large general engineering contractor to working on a pioneering AR-based product for both HoloLens versions and its web dashboard.

Finance and ERP

It took a few years of close-up work with large U.S. general engineering contractor to investigate, analyze, optimize their internal processes, and finally built an ERP system which put them into the growth stage.


We helped to build products that are made to reach, interact, and monetize large audiences. 1:1 SMS outreach products, chatbots, proprietary software products for internal marketing teams. We did it all.


Possession of an extensive range of technologies and knowledge of many platforms allows our team successfully implements complex projects and achieves significant business goals.

Frameworks & libraries

Cannot find relevant technology stack or similar project from your industry?

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