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Saving the operations cost and scaling the product with a custom web app for the Ad Tech company

Chances are you know retailers like Walmart, The Home Depot, CVS Pharmacy, and other large chains in the USA and Canada. You may have seen their weekly ads, deals, and coupons in your Facebook timeline or as Google Ads banners on different websites. The journey from a non-interactive PDF with deals and coupons to that engaging banners has a direct connection to the custom web app we built for the large retail Ad Tech company.

The Challenge

The outdated web app wasn’t a big priority for our client. However, once he had given it to us on maintenance and light reengineering we made a few improvements. It started to support more Facebook ad types, also Pinterest was added and performance got better. Mattew, the co-founder, decided that it’s a promising niche, and it worth building the new app.


With complete support from the client, 7 blackbirders, and 9 months later we successfully implemented the client’s vision into superior ad tech product. Everything from the new UX design, web application architecture planning to final implementation and current DevOps was and is on us.


Was built an entirely new internal operations web app that has improved the operations time by almost 60%, increased accuracy of the curation and supports scale to most of the Facebook, Google and Pinterest ads types. It also helped to reduce the estimated headcount required to support all the planned campaigns. The web app is already in use. More retailers have been onboarded with smaller operations resources.

“You've saved our business! It fits our needs perfectly. It really saves us time and effort. Blackbird is exactly what our business has been lacking. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.“

Matthew C., Co-founder
About the client201-500 employeesHQ Toronto, CanadaClient since 2018 | Retail Tech and Online AdvertisingFunded Startup previously, SMBs currently
Industry and verticalsRetail & E-commerceMulti-carrier retailers

How it all started

In addition to that, the new, extended Statflo product team observed that some of the features have to be improved from both UX and optimization sides. Things like micro-delays while requests were traveling between one microservice to another sometimes killed the momentum disguised lightness and overall beauty of having a real-time 1:1 conversation with a business you are chatting with. The ability to quickly and easily react and reach a business via one-to-one texting is the core of 1:1 Retail Conversations™ product.

All of the above plus some predictable product updates and scaling could bring even more complexity to the highly-demanded retail SaaS product, and inconveniences to Statflo customers. They love and value their customers so much, so they even generated an extra $28M of profit for them in 2019. Statflo aims to even larger figures, and the decision had been made, and the work on entirely rethought 1:1 SMS outreach SaaS product was started.

The new modern UI design of the internal product

Satisfying outcomes

Blackbird built, launched, and continues to grow a commercially successful product on behalf of the client as a turnkey fully managed service.

Currently, the client’s internal operations team uses it. They claim that the new software saves lots of time on routine tasks that take 95% percent of their time.

Moreover, the developed internal ad tech product continues to grow to support even more features and use cases and becomes one of the most important internal systems within the company!

People who made it a reality
Olena DrozdTPM
Nikita DidenkoRuby Developer
Sergey GorbachevTechnical Support Engineer
Serhii UkrainetsFrontend Developer

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