The journey of Blackbird started in 2018 with a strong desire to solve world problems with the help of modern technology and creative solutions. Since then, we are on a mission to deliver quality products that considerably facilitate the lives of thousands. Above all, we strive to become a reliable partner to our client. Our skillful team will take care of a technical part of your business, while you can focus on the business goals and processes. From day to day, our talented employees work hard to take the life of our modern society to the next level. Dozens of success stories and efficient digital solutions – this is what we are truly proud of. The company approaches modern technologies as the art of turning old problems into innovations.

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BlackBird is a team of enthusiastic problem-solvers with creative minds and bright ideas. Each challenging task we approach with a wave of excitement and motivation turning it into an innovative solution. During our development journey, we focus on the smallest details, stay open-minded and obsess over the client’s experience. Only in this way can we deliver efficient life-changing software


While we are result-oriented and strive to provide our clients with quality IT products, we truly enjoy the very process of software development. You can rest assured that our delivery team will thoroughly research your area of expertise, will come up with the right digital solution for you as well as will skillfully implement it into reality. Our extensive experience coupled with a strong passion for programming is the success formula of our IT projects


There is no denying that modern technologies are entitled to craft the future of humankind. Day after day new examples of innovative automation appear. BlackBird has always been standing for innovation development willing to make a meaningful contribution to the future of our planet

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