• Dmytrii Stepanenko

Entirely Rebuilt 1:1 SMS Outreach SaaS Product for Extra Profitable Retail Platform

Updated: May 19

Blackbird became a natural team extension of Statflo inc. Together we scaled the product team from two to eight people and rebuilt successful 1:1 Retail Conversations™ product from the ground up to meet the growing client base demands.

The Challenge Firstly created 1:1 Retail Conversations™ product turned out to be a huge success in the retail industry. However, the initial microservice-based application architecture wasn’t fully ready for that. Outcomes Together we built absolutely reimagined 1:1 Retail Conversations™ that is now packed with lots of new yet important features like profanity check and more. CQRS with event sourcing replaced previous architecture. Impact The shiny new 1:1 Retail Conversations™ is going through final tests and about ready for the mid-2020 launch. Moreover, some of the current clients — national chains and Tier 1 national carriers already gave it a high score.

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