Who we are:

Blackbird Lab is a software development company. While we are practicing international

working culture, we are proud representatives of Ukrainian values and traditions. We are a

team of 70+ energetic, curious, smart, and open for new challenges tech pros who prefer

efficient async communication, flexible working hours, co-working office model etc.

Being in this craft for about 5 years, we managed to accumulate expertise and bring value to

a number of clients. We cooperate with US and Canadian product companies of different

sizes, from small startups to established products, in close, trusted relationships.

All team members, including management, have an engineering background. The process,

participants of which speak the same language and have similar approach based on

technical principles, is always efficient. It is way easier to make decisions and introduce new

features in a team with engineering at heart. It is the technical DNA that lets us build

high-quality products that facilitate the lives of our customers’ users.

Position & client:

Our client helps shoppers to provide for their families by making life more affordable. The

product is built to work with over 90% of retailers in North America. Retailers use digital

shopping marketplace to connect with millions of shoppers to deliver a personalized


All company products are built on top of AWS with the wide use of ECS, RDS, DynamoDB and

MSK. We have a self-serve portal where each development team can provision microservices

stack for their use. This stack and other software products are maintained by the team of

DevOps / Site Reliability Engineers of 5 people, and you will become a part of this team.

Our roadmap consists of a few major milestones, including transition from ECS to EKS and

migration of hundreds of microservices onto it. We also have an weekly on-call policy, where

each team member processes urgent support requests and helps troubleshoot production



● AWS (ECS, EKS, MSK, RDS, DynamoDB, EC2, Load Balancing, IAM, Route53 etc)

● Kafka, Kubernetes

● Terraform

● Github + Github Actions

● Datadog, OpsGenie

Your impact (What you will do):

● Build and improve tools to deploy, scale, secure, monitor and diagnose systems in

order to guarantee business continuity and daily operations of the engineering teams.

● Participate in on-call and daily-support rotations in order to respond to

infrastructure-level support requests and emergencies.

● Partner with product development teams in order to provide domain

expertise around infrastructure design, security and observability.

● Identify opportunities of improvements and automation in order to turn

them into self-serve features in existing and/or new platforms.

Who we are looking for (Requirements):

● 3 years of experience with infrastructure automation on AWS.

● 2 years of Linux systems administration experience.

● Proficient in at least one of the following languages (Ruby, Python, Go).

● Knowledge of Docker, CI/CD, basic knowledge of Kubernetes

● Being a good communicator in English.

Team setup & processes:

● Engineering Manager (Toronto)

● Senior DevOps Engineer (Ukraine)

● 3 Sr/Middle DevOps Engineers (Toronto)

The work process is focused around two major needs: executing internal projects (following

Scrum methodology) and maintaining existing infrastructure (using a Kanban board).

Interview process (takes ~ 1 week)

1. HR Interview (20 mins)

2. Screening with Program manager from Toronto (30 min)

3. Interview with Engineering manager from Toronto (1 hour)

4. Technical interview with Senior Engineers from Toronto (60-90 min)


We are all for the self-development of each team member. As a part of our team, you’ll be

supported in your professional growth, work on Macs, receive certifications, and visit


On top of that, you will enjoy an attractive social package, including:

● Сompetitive monthly compensation with discretionary bonus;

● Flexible working schedule;

● Working remotely;

● Full support of PFA reporting services;

● 18 working days of paid vacation;

● Paid undocumented sick leaves (5 working days per year);

● Compensation for English lessons.


Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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