We empirically figured out that only two engagement models work smoothly for our clients: On-demand Team Extension and Fully Managed IT Services. Let us address the most popular misconceptions about applying two of those, and explain how we at Blackbird exactly utilizing them.

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You get a wealth of our experience from actively working on miscellaneous client projects that your in-house teams would not probably collectively have.
Regardless, of the hiring model you choose, we will always make sure you are aware of all possibilities and potential pitfalls in advance of making your final decision.

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While you are provided with a professional team that does both meet all of your hard/soft skill requirements, you will also get the allies that treat your product and company as their own. However, you have all the controls on you, so the team recommends alternative but, eventually, does what you tell.

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This is your Project description. Whether your work is based on text, images, videos or a different medium, providing a brief summary will help visitors understand the context and background. Then use the media section to showcase your project!


You may want to start a project as soon as possible, and, well, nail the competition behind. We share the same aspirations.

To put those aspirations into action, we carefully rethought every step of our market-fastest onboarding approach and created our own framework out of it. We also built our recruitment & screening process to surround our clients with people not only technically skilled but also mentally interested in their product success.

So the time it really takes from a kickoff meeting to a completed onboarding and actual project start is cut in half to what both global and Western European outsourcing market could offer you.

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If the talents you need are on a bench, you may start an engagement (namely interviewing candidates) in less than 3 days. However, if there is a lack of some talents we will still start with people we have and add the requested talents in less than 3–4 weeks. No delays ever

On You:

  • Following our recommended Onboarding Framework

  • Following our Recruitment & Screening recommendations

On Us:

  • 24×7×365 support and personal manager to assist in any situations

  • Making sure that you quickly move towards project start

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There is almost no Recruitment & Screening lag, so it’s quite instant jump to the onboarding stage and actual project work shortly after it. Once we agree on terms, it takes less than 5–7 days to kickoff.